Spiritual Poetry

Why spiritual poetry?
Because words allow us to speak our minds,
but they also restrict our thoughts.

As prose they are linear,
leading to conclusions.
As verse they’re a matrix,
revealing the posibilites.

Why spiritual poetry?
Because language is not enough to understand
the meaning that lies beyond definition.

The carpenter spoke of a vine,
but it was so much more.
The blind men felt the same elephant,
but each knew their own truth.
The prophet’s finger pointed to the moon,
but many saw only the finger.

Why spiritual poetry?
Because sharp tools for dealing with the finite
are dull tools for understanding the Infinite.

Parables and fables; histories and legends.
What is real to each of us; what is real for all of us?
An underground river of Truth,
and many wells dug for the thirsty.
Drink in the words of others,
but discover your own deep Truth.

A visionary book: transcendental, mystical, cosmic.”
— Father Michael Burke, O.P.

“This book is a call for self insight and soul searching. In another day it would be called an ‘Inspirational.’ The world needs its therapy.”
— Rev. W. Finlator

“Many of these poignant poems give a voice to what’s in my heart.”
— Rabbi John Friedman

“These poems offer fresh, promising insights to guide those in search of Ultimate Reality or God.”
— Rev. Charles Howe

Dying to Live
A Journey Beyond the Mind

This spiritual poetry is in a hardcover book with 88 pages of beautiful color photography.

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